Monday, August 20, 2007

Uplift East Durham

I write a lot about my current living situation towards the end of The One Year Daily Grind, so I thought some of you might like an "advanced screening" about my neighborhood. Last October my husband and I joined an intentional Christian community and hospitality house in northeast central Durham, NC, which is basically considered a ghetto. Economic and racial injustice, gang activity, and crime have contributed to 30% of the homes being borded up or abandoned, although there are also little pockets of life and stability--including our block (Vale and Vine Streets).

We have amazing neighbors who are very passionate about this community and have formed an organization called "Uplift East Durham." Our neighbor-across-the-street, Aidil, and our housemate David are the main drive behind this group. Updates are posted here: Enjoy!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Gentlemen, Start Your Coffeemakers

On a not-so-spiritual note, the E-marketing machine is already rumbling. Three months before the release of my devotional book The One Year Daily Grind (Tyndale, Oct 2007) I find it "available for pre-order" at: (including and (of course) (for all you Methodists out there) (??) (hurrah!) (hmm)

and...drum roll, please... (ba-da-bump) Note how it's listed under "search results for 'grind'" alongside such illustrious products as the Ten-Eighty Kinked Grind Rail (for skateboarders, in case you were wondering), the Mr. Coffee 12-cup Grind 'n Brew coffeemaker, Grind the movie (rated PG 13), No. 1 Hits: Best of Bump & Grind album, and Toxic Grind Xbox game (and I quote, "injected with deadly toxin, ride through 11 sets recreated from famous locations and time periods in this mission-based BMX game with an intense storyline." Wait--a "mission-based BMX game"? Now, why didn't the church think of that?)

"All this is well and good," you might say, "but where can I preorder SIGNED EDITIONS at a BIG DISCOUNT?" Great question. Here's the only place on the web for such a brilliant combination, after August 1st: On your mark, get set--go!

From my coffeemaker to yours,